Dark Chronicles


Ivar the Plague Doctor in derelict church

My name is Ivar the plague doctor.


For many years I have been scouring the modern world, finding the plagues in what mankind has left behind. Mankinds ghosts from the past. As I am a ghost from the past as well, my desires to make my legacy eternal are eating away at me, as I do not know how long I will be allowed to roam this earth. My legacy, that will live on through mankind, as you can be a part of it, own a part of it. Behold the dark chronicles I have endured!

The NFT Art

Each of the 500 Dark Chronicles is a different and unique handmade image. 

They’re not programmatically generated, but took a lot of time and effort to create.


Every piece of art is diversified with 2 unique traits (category and type) and can contain multiple generic traits (object and plague). The Dark Chronicles will be the first big collection of photography, where the traits system is used in the same way as it is used in the avatar style NFT’s.


It is also the first collection that is represented by a mascot not depicted on the artwork itself.  They’re fairly distributed without bonding curves, meaning that there are no price tiers. Every plague will be sold for 0.1 ETH, so that everybody has the same opportunity to buy a piece of NFT art.

Ghost house with chairs and bar NFT Art
Old german locomotive NFT Art
Creepie doll at cemetery in the dark NFT Art
Desolate Church Pews
Missiles on platform of an abandoned warship
Ceiling with fresco's in state of decay



The Outbreak

After reaching an epidemic level, the awareness of the Dark Chronicles rises and the plague starts spreading around the globe. Nobody is safe when it affects a high proportion of the population and becomes a pandemic. Be aware…


Five Falling Plagues

5 NFT’s will be airdropped to 5 random Dark Chronicle holders. These NFT’s will have a unique trait that none of the 500 Dark Chronicles has, creating more rarity and thus more value.


Become Ivar Challenge

Become Ivar yourself and create a Dark Chronicle. Visit an abandoned manmade structure, shoot your perfect image and place it in the community gallery. The 10 best images will be minted as an official Dark Chronicle in our collection and sent to your wallet for free.


Five Falling Plagues

5 NFT’s will be airdropped to 5 random Dark Chronicle holders. These NFT’s will have a unique trait that none of the 500 Dark Chronicles has and is different than the one at the first airdrop.


Buried Alive

A cryptographic photograph containing a difficult puzzle will be spread on our socials. If you solve the puzzle, you’ll be provided with coordinates which guide you to that one place on the world where the rarest and most unique Dark Chronicle will be buried alive. Find it and be the proud owner of the most valuable Dark Chronicle ever.


Ivar's Charity

5% of everything we earned at this point will be given to charity. As we’re in this together, we’ll ask our community which type of charity the money needs to go to.


The Plague Spreads

After reaching insane pandemic levels, the plague can’t be stopped. Ivar is still roaming around the world…

The Team

Along my journey I met Mr. Brown and Mr. White. 

These selfmade men made it possible for me to share these mysterious places with you. 

Mr. Brown has been active in the IT field for 18 years and Mr. White has over 20 years of experience with audio engineering and worked for different famous artists. 

They both started 10 years ago in the world of photography and mastered graphic design. After 2 photo exhibitions and  some high class branding for companies, Mr. Brown started to work in videography and Mr. White in webdesign. Along their path they became social media marketeers, created courses on this level and coached people growing their socials. 

A new era began, when their path crossed the world of cryptocurrency, they decided to master this world. Mr. Brown became the technical analyst and Mr. White became the NFT Art specialist. All the pieces came together and created a perfect environment to share years of experience in the form of digital art as NFT’s.